ATF Type 'A'

Automatic Transmission fluid

ATF Type ‘A’ is Ageneral purpose automatic transmission and power steering Fluid. It is designed to withstand high pressure encountered in hydrostatic Systems. It has a high viscosity index, low pour point and special additives to increase oxidation resistance, rust & corrosion protection and anti-wear properties. ATF is highly recommended for applications that require type ‘A’ suffix ‘A’ fluids.
Automatic Transmission and power steering fluid used in heavy trucks and off-road vehicles. It si used in automotive systems and torque converters requiring the General Motors Type A Suffix A Specification fluid

Benefits and Advantages

Performance Level
Type ‘A’ Suffix ‘A’
Typical Specification  
ATF Type ‘A’  
Kinematic Viscosity  
   @40°C cSt 45.00
   @100°C cSt 7.60
Viscosity Index 130.00
Flash Point°C 200.00
Pour Point°C -28.00
Density @ 15°C Kg/l 0.870